Reformer Instructor Certificate

Turning Pilates Lovers Into Pilates Professionals


Reformer Instructor Certificate


Six Month Mentor Program In A Blended Learning Format

  • Learn over 80 Pilates reformer exercises
  • Plus over 30 Pilates mat exercises
  • Comprehensive video lessons
  • Face to face workshops
  • Ongoing mentoring & personalised care
  • Foundational to intermediate repertoire
  • Anatomy & physiology subjects for Pilates professionals
  • Bonus reformer exercises for basic pathology & common injuries
  • Includes modifications for pregnancy
  • Learn how to program classes for all levels
  • Know how to progress safely 
  • Safe, supported learning environment
  • Access to Anatomy App
  • Accredited by The Pilates Association of Australia (PAA)

Turning Pilates Lovers Into Pilates Professionals



The Virtual Classroom


What we cover:

  • The history and evolution of Pilates
  • The Pilates Principles and how to apply them in every class you teach
  • Anatomy and physiology for movement educators
  • Safety and Maintenance of equipment
  • Understanding scope of practice 
  • Programming for progression
  • Lesson plans made easy
  • How to launch your new career as a Pilates Professional


In Person Classroom


What we cover:

  • Break down of all exercises
  • Put in to practice what you are learning online
  • Managing multiple abilities in class
  • Cueing and language in Pilates 
  • When to progress vs how to modify
  • Hands on experience with industry leaders
  • In person assessments & progress reports 
  • Practical feedback from your mentor
  • Practice teaching with your peers
  • Learn how to move better


Practice  Pilates While You Learn

Our 6 month mentor program is unique in that it includes absolutely everything you need to succeed as a Pilates Professional. 

Most Reformer Instructor Certificates do not include self practice hours which means as a student you have to fork out thousands of extra dollars to go to classes, or miraculously find $5000 to buy yourself a reformer!

At Pilates Pro Academy our success is your success which is why we include a 6 month reformer & mat membership valued at $2800 into your training package at no extra cost offering you the advantage of attending reformer classes at your host studio.

Self practice and class attendance gives you the practice you deserve to turn your love of Pilates into a profession.

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Payment Options To Suit Your Style  

Payment Plan


Pay As You Go

  • No financial stress
  • Six equal payments 
  • No up front fees
  • Virtual lessons accessible as the course rolls out
  • No limitations on 6 month reformer class membership

Early Bird Saver


Best Value

  • Save $800 with this offer
  • Early access to the virtual classroom
  • Includes early access to the  reformer class membership
  •  Meet your mentor first
  • Gain access to the studio before the course starts

Pay Up Front


Most Popular

  • Gain access to online content when you sign up
  • Available up to 2 days before the course starts
  • Pay up front and have no extra fees
  • Start your 6 month reformer class membership on payment

Are You Ready?

Jumping in to something new can be scary which is why we support you from day one. 

All you need to do right now is to say yes to your future self. 

If you love Pilates and you want to turn your passion into a profession, then this program is for you.

The Pilates industry is crying out for well trained Pilates professionals and our program is recognised as one of the best in the biz, endorsed by industry leaders and run by Pilates experts. 

Everything you need to succeed is right here. 

Contact us today and turn your love of Pilates into a profession.


Hi, I'm Katie Crane and I'll be your mentor.

If someone had told my younger self that I would be standing here as a Pilates mentor to future students I would have never believed them. 

I lived in a World of pain and I simply could not imagine having the capacity to help other people feel good. 

Pilates literally changed my life in the most positive way and it helped me find confidence in my own body until I was so blown away by what was happening to me that I just had to share it with the World. 

Fast track nearly 2 decades and I now have the honour of turning your love of Pilates into a Profession. 

Whether you are choosing The Pilates Pro Academy by chance or intention, I can promise you one thing;

This journey is going to change your life in ways that you didn't even realise, and all you have to do is say yes to the possibility. 

Becoming a Pilates instructor isn't just about getting a certificate. It's about choosing a path of self growth, self worth and self expansion so that you can serve others. 

I invite you to take this journey with us and make a change for the better. 


What our graduates say about Pilates Pro Academy

I am profoundly grateful for Katie's training, which enabled me to integrate into the Pilates studio environment as soon as I completed the certificate. 

I Consistently receive glowing feedback from the members of my workplace thanks to the training I received from Katie.

My clients appreciate the quality of my class planning, cues, and my skill in guiding them through proper body positioning in reformer classes.

Beyond becoming a skilled teacher, this training has enhanced my self-assurance. 

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to embrace this journey. The reformer instructor certificate with Pilates Pro Academy is a transformative experience.
Katie's knowledge sets you on an extraordinary career path in teaching Pilates.

All The Support You Need To Become A Pilates Professional

The Perfect Blend of Tradition And Evolution

Pilates has continued to grow in popularity all over the World and with that comes so many versions Pilates teacher training. The Pilates Pro Academy blends traditional practice with modern day trends in our teaching style and in the way you learn. Our fusion mentoring program gives you the freedom to learn when you want with the virtual classroom at your fingertips and the support you need to be a successful Pilates Professional with our in person learning workshops.

With over 2 decades of industry expertise we know that becoming a Pilates instructor takes hands on practice and a personalised approach for each student to shine.

Pilates Pro Academy is endorsed by The Pilates Association of Australia (PAA) as the preferred provider of Reformer Instructor Certification and out mentors are highly regarded as industry leaders.

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